Wednesday, April 09, 2008

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 8

  1. H/B Six Traits Quiz
  2. Review narrowing your ideas homework
  3. H/O on Ideas/Content and Organization
    1. W/overheads
  4. ITMFWG Animals Favorites
    1. Questioning
      1. Five W's + How
    2. Five Senses
    3. Graphic Organizers for narratives.
    4. 4 Questions to ask of your topic
      1. Does it interest me?
      2. Can I say something about it?
      3. Is it specific?
      4. AND—
        1. What is the main point?


No class Thursday (English only) or Friday (all classes)

RW Chapter 9: Narration

Read 107-120

Do: Practice 3, using your essay topic (Animal/Object); Practice 4, and Chapter Review

Rough Draft of this essay due next TUESDAY. Final Draft due next Friday.

We'll have lab time (C216) on Monday to work on it. You should know how to LOG ON to the computers by then. Please use Thursday to go to open labs and get YVCC system.