Thursday, April 02, 2009

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 4

  1. Fill in some tables. It works better this way.
  2. Journal: What is the best thing you've ever read? Best story, magazine, article, comic book, sacred text, novel, play, poem, card or letter, email, text message?
  3. Chapter 2 Review
  4. Six Traits Pre-Test
  5. Six Traits defined
  6. Show outline of class using the traits
  7. Answers to Pre-Test


Six Traits Quiz Friday.

Names and Faces, quiz Friday.

Read ITMFWG: 3-29 for Friday and 33-72 for Monday (Quiz on Objects and RW on Monday).

We won't always go this fast with reading.

We won't always have quizzes this often.