Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 44

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 44 Spring 2010 (Two Days to Go)

  1. Notes on revision.
  2. In groups
    1. Essay 1
      1. Ideas and Content: Do you have a good theme statement? A sentence or two at the end of your first paragraph that says, Here's what I learned or Here's why this object is of value to me.
      2. Organization: How is your first line? How about your conclusion?
      3. Paragraph by paragraph—make an outline.
    2. Essay 2
      1. Word choice: Do you use great verbs? Have you tried the synonym function on your computer or used a thesaurus? Are you using specific nouns: not "dog," but "snarling pit bull"?
      2. Voice: Is the writing from the heart? Do you take a risk? Is there energy in the writing or do you sound bored? Can I hear your voice?
    3. Essay 3
      1. Conventions: Run-ons? Caps? Quotation marks?
      2. Sentence fluency: Are you using short sentences for your most important points? Have you used a fragment creatively? Do you over use –ly openings?

Revised essays due Friday at the beginning of the period.