Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day 43

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 43 Spring 2011

1. Apostrophes (486) continued.

3. How to Read in College, part one

4. Book Preview

5. Introduction to the Readings (545)

1. Narration 1

2. Check your comprehension 1-3 (549)

Revised essays due Thursday at the beginning of the period.

Essays returned.

Grades--CR if you are below 16 points for essays, below 70% for class work or more than 5 abs.
This is not a reason to stop coming Thursday and Friday and it's not a reason to stop coming to YVCC.
Persistance pays off, but don't wait to retake 70.  It's NOT UNCOMMON for students to retake 70 and/or 75 multiple times.  It's often a case of needing to brush up--10 weeks isn't very long, but 20 might just do the job.