Monday, April 12, 2010

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 10

  1. Explain Peer Editing process

    1. Students learn from each other.
    2. Students learn by teaching.
    3. Kind honesty.
    4. Thick skin.
  2. Write two questions you'd like answered by your peers.

    1. In pairs at tables of 4.
    2. Choose who goes first
    3. Hand out essays
    4. "You have my permission to tear my paper apart"
    5. Read aloud
    6. Complete peer editing forms--(author completes one for their own paper.)
    7. Writer leads a CONVERSATION (that's why there's four of you)
    8. Finally, writer asks questions not answered.
    9. Repeat
  3. Hand in one copy of your rough draft.
  4. Homework: Peer Edit second essay at home.