Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 15

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 15

  1. Bonus Points today: Mark Fuzie at 1130 in this classroom.
    1. Mark Fuzie tonight at the writing center—7pm.
  2. Homework back—be sure YOU are checking your answers for the grammar work before you hand it in.
  3. Essays back Friday or Monday.
  4. Essay 2: Strangers/Family
    1. Rough Draft: April 28th
    2. Final Draft: May 2
  5. Word Choice/Voice H/O
  6. ITMFWG: Family section—pick two favorites (930 class) or one favorite (1030 class)
    1. Look for word choice—lively verbs, specific modifiers/adverbs/adjectives
    2. Which writer would you like to meet?
    3. Which writer takes the biggest risk?
    4. Which writer has the most style?
  7. Homework: Complete Reading of "Strangers" section.
    1. Quiz tomorrow over this section.