Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 8 Wednesday

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 8

1. Which is your favorite animals story from ITMFWG? What do you like, specifically, about the story?

2. Favorite Animal Stories
a. Vote.
b. What is their main point

3. Narrowed Topic
a. Page 31
b. Practice 1 as a class
4. Basics of a good Thesis Statement
a. Fits the size of the assignment:
i. Practice 3
1. Not too Broad/Narrow
ii. Practice 4 in groups
b. Single Main Point
i. Practice 5 in groups
c. Specific
i. Practice 6 in groups.
d. It is something you can show, explain, or prove
e. It is a forceful statement written with confidence

5. My notes on thesis statements
a. Topic + Main Idea
b. Parking +______________
c. Iraq + ________________
d. Smoking on campus + _____________________
e. This object +_______________________
f. This animal +______________________

6. Use page 44 first then
a. Write your thesis statement on the board
i. What needs to be revised?

7. Homework
a. Revise thesis statement if needed
b. List your support for your thesis

EX: Object Essay outline

THESIS: The rock from the thirty mile fire reminds me to appreciate every day. It also reminds me that students are flesh and blood people. Finally, it has become a reminder of my high school teaching career.
I. Explain what happened to the students
a. Where I was when it happened
i. Mexico
ii. YVCC
iii. 9/11, later
II. Explain how I knew the students
III. Explain how and where I got the rock.
IV. Conclusions (are three too many?)
a. Every day
b. Students are people
c. High school teaching career