Thursday, September 28, 2006

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 9

1. Least Favorite Object Story? Python, Carolina,
a. What is the main point?
b. Is this why we don’t care for the story?

2. Basics of a good Thesis Statement
a. Fits the size of the assignment:
b. Single Main Point
c. Specific
d. It is something you can show, explain, or prove
e. It is a forceful statement written with confidence

3. So far: Thesis statement and early plan
4. Today: Decide whether to write on the animal or object
i. Use the three questions: RW p 20
1. Does it interest me?
2. Can I say something about it?
3. Is it specific?

ii. Go a bit further (Ideas and Content handout)
1. Is the main idea of the story clear to me?
2. Is it an original idea, or an original way of seeing something?
3. Will it interest my audience?
4. Can I see what the organization should be?

5. Today part two, back to Generating Ideas
a. Idea generating:
i. Listing
ii. Questions
iii. Freewriting
iv. Read
v. Journal
vi. Discussion*
vii. Web*

6. Discussion
a. In groups of four, what are you planning on writing about?
b. Read your thesis statements to each other and then explain what you’re going to write about—three minutes.
c. What do your peers sound most interested in?
d. Now, others ask you questions and you WRITE THEM DOWN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
i. These may be things you have overlooked that we need.

7. Web
a. If there’s time.
i. Main idea in the center.
ii. Primary supporting points on the spokes. (3?)
iii. Secondary supporting points off those.

8. Homework
a. Rough Draft Due Tuesday.
b. Bring disk/drive to lab tomorrow.
c. Commit to a topic.
d. Spend some more time generating ideas for that topic tonight
e. You are going to have time to work on this in class after a short exercise. A good time to ask me questions one on one, too.

EX: Object Essay outline

THESIS: The rock from the thirty mile fire reminds me to be awake every day. It says, we don’t know how much time we have. It helps me see students as flesh and blood. Finally, it is a symbol of a chapter in my life ending.

I. Explain what happened to the students
II. Explain Where I was when it happened
i. Mexico
ii. YVCC
iii. 9/11, later
III. Explain how I knew the students
IV. Explain how and where I got the rock.
V. So, what do I think of when I see the rock?
a. Every day
b. Students are people
c. High school teaching career