Tuesday, September 26, 2006

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 6

1. Journal: If your house was filling up with water, what would you take, other than photo albums or money? What can’t be replaced?
2. No late work, unless arranged prior to class, and sometimes not then.
3. Reset:
a. Traits of a good student
b. Traits of a good teacher
c. Traits of good writing
i. Six Traits
1. Ideas/Content
2. Organization
3. Word Choice
4. Voice
5. Sentence Fluency
6. Conventions

4. Quiz Objects
5. Correct quiz/objects
6. Essay one assignment—H/O
a. Focus on Ideas/Content + Organization

7. The Writing Process
a. Generate Ideas
b. Plan
c. Draft
d. Revise
e. Edit
f. Present final draft

8. Generate Ideas
1. Animals/Objects

9. Quiz Tomorrow over Six Traits
a. H/O Study Guide