Thursday, November 09, 2006

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 32 TGITH

1. Last night, Widner?

2. Some notes

a. You can go up. You can go down.

b. Ask me soon about “See Me”s

c. The blog is incomplete on Lesson Plans, but still good stuff on it.

d. Rough Draft due Monday.

i. Bring Four Copies

ii. Peer Edit Mon/Tues

e. No class this Friday, next Wednesday

f. Final Draft due 11/17, Next Friday (This is a change)

3. Handout “Getting the Most From Your Interview”

a. Prep

b. Rapport

c. Questions

d. Listening

e. Follow-up

4. Subject one—me.

a. Prep—list of questions for me about love

b. Rapport—Help me relax and feel safe

c. Questions—Start with broad ones, use verbal cues, save toughest for end, close with open ended.

d. Listening—Don’t fill pauses, don’t over talk,

e. Follow-up—Re-interview

7. H/W—RW 442-448 Do Practice 7, 8, 10, 11