Friday, November 24, 2006

Wednesday's Lesson Plan

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 43, Wednesday

  1. Introduction:

  • Section 1—How This Started

  • Sample from 05

  • Section 2—Mission, What We Were Looking For, Theme

  • Sample from 05

  • Section 3—Two Lessons—One example.

  • Section 4—The Run Down: Facts and Synopsis

2. Outlines

  • Section 4: 13-19

  • Sample from Auster

  • Sample from Mott, Barajas

  • A look at the writers and the stories. Demographics etc.

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Where you are from.

  • Where you live.

  • Former jobs

  • Current job

  • Career goals

  • Theme statement that captures the main idea of the stories in your Antholgoy.

  • Also, for Monday: Quiz on Best Stories

Tuesday, 11.28
Rough draft of introductions due.
Peer edit introductions.

Wednesday 11.29
Peer Edit essay you’d like to revise for improved score.
Best version of anthology essays due, on paper as well as electronically if possible.

Thursday 11.30
Lab? Covers? Table of Contents? Other?

Friday 12.1
Introduction Essay due.
Revised essay for improved score due.

During Finals:
Tuesday from 930-1030
Anthologies handed out.
Food, drink.
Readings of Best of Best and a few words from me.