Monday, October 16, 2006

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 19 Monday

1. Journal: Which story did you like better, Mom or Giving Normal?

2. Quiz on Strangers/Mom and Giving Normal

3. Correct Quiz

4. Mr. Bill (stranger-word choice/voice example)

5. The best stranger stories will be ones where the main idea is clear AND interesting.

6. The best stranger stories will be ones that take risks.

7. The best stranger stories will be the ones you can really show off your unique voice/style.

8. Prewriting for second essay

a. Five Questions, Stranger

6. For tomorrow

a. Bring two-three photos of your family that might make good stories. Avoid Sears. Avoid stretching the definition to fit your tastes—family means family. Step, half, distant relatives all count, but your best friend doesn’t. Some one “like” family doesn’t work for this assignment.

7. All essays back tomorrow with extensive notes on how to read my comments and what to do about them.