Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Handing Back Essays

Handing Back Essays

A. In same groups you were in to peer edit:
10 minutes to read your essay

  • Read the whole thing

  • Stop where I’ve written something and read that, too.

  • Read the notes at the end

  • Show them to your group: discuss and ask each other questions about my comments.

  • Look over YOUR self-grading.

  • How close were you? This is important for the “real” world writing you’ll do.

Grades: To pass from 70 to 75, you must average 4.0 out of 6.0 to move on. (also 70% on homework).

6-5= A to B+
4-3= B to C
2-1= C- to D

If you received a 4 or above, you’re on track for 75. If you earned a 3.75 or below, you’ve got to catch up on the next three essays.

  • Two types of comments- as I read (local) and as I look over it again for score (global).
My impressions from a distance are:

  • Not bad on thesis. Could be more “insightful”

  • Some didn’t match support, so change support or change thesis?

  • Not many make the reader want to learn more, keep reading.

  • Support

  • tended to more general. Could be more specific. (This will continue to affect scores in Word Choice, too.) Paint the picture.

  • Also, keep the thesis in front of reader. Explain, even when it’s obvious, how your support connects to the thesis.

  • Organization

  • Hooks ok. Too many began with questions.

  • Conclusions mostly cookie cutter, which is ok, too, for now.

  • Sequence is good.

  • Transitions are coming along well.

  • Pacing ok.

  • Misc

  • Grammar an issue in some esp. R/O and V/T.

  • Paragraphing (topic sentences, one main idea/event) needs work.

  • Yancey Yore/William Peckman

  • The 24 hour rule



  • You will have a chance at the end of the quarter to improve your score for one of your essays by revising based on my comments and based on what you’ve learned.
Your options if you don’t like your grade:

  • Work Harder.

  • Change your habits/attitudes.

  • Real Writing review.

  • Read more closely.

  • More drafts .

  • Writing Center.

  • See Me.