Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lesson Plan Day 28 Tuesday

  1. Complete OR of Essay 2
  2. Where we are now
    1. Two of Four Essays in.
    2. Six weeks in, four to go.
    3. A fair degree of certainty what class you should take next quarter once these essays are graded. Still possible to go up or down a grade.
    4. Several students did not turn in their essays yesterday. More than the first round. They will have to turn that paper in at the end of the quarter. I’m not going to read them until that time. Try the writing center. You can still make 75, but you just made it a lot harder. This is one of the ways students don’t make it. They let things slide. You can still go up. You can still go down.

  1. Round Three
    1. Love and Death

i. Reading schedule from ITMFWG

1. “Love” to end of chapter (263-276) by Wed

2. “Death” from Ashes to High Street (279-296) by Thursday

3. Death to end of chapter by Friday

a. Quiz over Death and Run-ons/ Fragments on Friday in lab.

  1. Sentence Fluency and Conventions
    1. OH highlights
    2. Full packet tomorrow
    3. This is why you are in English 70. Your scores may be lower here than other traits unless you really do the work of editing.
    4. If you get good at it, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of writing. Some writers prefer editing to the rough draft. Pros often say the rough draft is what feels like drudgery. The real challenge, the better you get, is in the editing.

  1. Topics?
  2. Due Dates? Rough Draft 11/9? Final 11/16?
  3. Essays returned