Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lesson Plan Day 25, Wednesday

  1. Quiz on Quotation marks, Friday in Lab
  2. Essays due Monday. Bring 2 copies.
    1. O/R different scoring explained (+.5 if read)
    2. Because of the nature of the assignment I’d like to say this:

i. If you indicate a plan to hurt someone else.

ii. If someone is hurting you.

iii. If you are going to hurt yourself

iv. I’ll talk to you individually. Usually, it’s not what it seems. Sometimes it is. Both are ok.

v. If you become concerned as a peer editor, come talk to me.

  1. Peer Editing Handout
    1. Groups of 3-4
    2. 830

i. Andrew, Lisa, Bianca, Leticia

ii. Yesenia, Leiah, Jay, Alex

iii. Patty, Adrian, Jonas, Freddy

iv. James, Lidia, Mia, Jared

v. Namrata, Jonathan, Melissa, Erika

    1. 930

i. Chris S, Jessica, Linwood

ii. Gabriel, Danielle, Francis, Rebecca

iii. Ricardo, Kara, Juan F.

iv. Celina, Tiffany, Phil, Chris B

v. Roberto, Cesar, Stephanie

    1. 1030

i. Keri, Nadia, Jonathon, Alva

ii. Daisy, Leticia, Lynn

iii. Josh, Erica, Talea, Meredith

iv. Abbey, Ashley, Chris, Maria

v. Darrel, Cassie, Destiny

Homework: Complete the forms for the other essays. I’ll check for them at the beginning of the period. Tomorrow, back in same groups to read aloud essays and go over comments. NOT to complete the forms. For this to work, you’ve got to get it done tonight.

That gives us time on Friday to ask me questions and type on the computers.