Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lesson Plan Day 21, Thursday

Family Photo

Show your five answers to the person who asked them.

That person writes two more questions, BASED ON THE ANSWERS.

Answer those questions.


Strangers Examples

Coincidence or Fate

Old Fart

Mr. Bill

Family Examples

Photograph of my father in his 22nd year.

Three Photos

Student Examples

Unconditional Love

The Story Behind the Photo

  1. Review types of prewriting (due Friday)
    1. Freewrite
    2. List
    3. Research/read
    4. Discussion
    5. Cluster/map
    6. Questions

· Strangers

1. List

2. Freewrite (not enough)

3. Discussion

4. Reading (plenty after today)

· Family Photograph

1. Questions

2. Read (again, plenty after today)

3. Discussion

a. Tomorrow, Freewriting on family photo

The challenges of the family photograph

You’re too close to it to see it.

Organization? Do you describe the photo? Do you describe specific events?

The whole thing feels a bit disjointed to me so far…

So. Look at the two options you’ve been developing for strangers and family and ask:

  • Which will allow you to take the greatest risks?
  • Which will allow you to make full use of your vocabulary, especially good verbs?
  • Which will sound the most like you?

  1. Due dates:
    1. Prewriting for Strangers/Family Essay due end of the period Next Friday 10.20
    2. Outline of essay due end of period Tuesday 10.24
    3. Draft one due at the beginning of the period (BOP) Wed 10. 25
    4. Peer Edit credit for students participating Wed/Thurs
    5. Draft 2 due BOP, Monday 10.30