Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 31

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 31 Spring 2010

Read 73 together.

(76) Dependent Clauses. Exercise 1 questions—review as a class. Try exercise 2 on your own.

Fragments Read 80-82. Exercise 1 in class.

Another sample love story.

A note on organization.

  1. Eulogies have easy body paragraphs and theme statements.
    1. Highlight three characteristics of the person/thing etc.
    2. Give examples of this characteristic in the paragraph.
  2. Love stories are more like the ones we've done before.
    1. We want a main idea/theme, but we have to work to make it our own words and to make it fresh.
    2. Then we have to focus on events (3-4) that demonstrate that main idea and put them in paragraphs.


Let's spend a little time writing right now.

Tomorrow, we'll work more on the interview process and keep writing.

Due dates for Essay 3:

Rough Draft: May 17th

Final Draft: May 21st