Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 41

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 41 Spring 2010

Rough Draft of Introduction Essay Due Tuesday. (I won't comment on these, but we will have one day to peer edit them)

Final Draft Due Wednesday.

Here's what's left of the quarter:

  • An introduction to our anthology based on Auster's intro for ITMFWG, graded on all six traits. (due Wednesday, final draft)
  • Revision to an essay for an improved score—Due June 4th. (Do it for money.)
  • Bring your essays to class every day. Bring Auster, too.
  1. Section 3:
    1. Write the name of the essay you are putting in the anthology on the board and a brief description of the story (maybe your thesis statement?)
    2. What two lessons have you learned from THE STORIES in class?
    3. Sample section 3.
    4. Homework: Rough Draft of Section 3.
  2. Section 4—The Run Down
    1. Explain
      1. 34 stories
      2. First story is
      3. Last Story is
    2. Explain
      1. Gender
      2. ages
      3. where are you from?
      4. Where do you live now?
      5. Former, current jobs
      6. career goals
    3. Explain the animals/objects; strangers/family; love/death options.
    4. Pick stories from your class and do the same thing Auster does: remember brief flashes from them as a way to tease or hook the reader. Try to include all of them?
    5. Summarize the project in a few well written thoughts (wrap it up with a concluding paragraph).