Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 37

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 37 Spring 2010

Hand in Peer Review Review.

Hand in Sentence Variety homework.

Hand in final draft.

  1. Plate of Peas
  2. OR of Essay 3
    1. H/I
    2. Y/N
    3. Y=0, N=0
    4. If you can do it for money, you can do it for love.


  3. H/W, Due Monday, 20 points: Read Paul Auster's Introduction to ITMFWG
    1. Number the paragraphs in the intro.
      1. Section 1 (1-5)
      2. Section 2 (6-9)
      3. Section 3 (10-12)
      4. Section 4 (13-19)
    2. Outline the introduction
      1. Summarize each paragraph in a sentence or two.
      2. Tip: What is the purpose of this paragraph?
        What would be a good title for the paragraph?


  1. Bring all three essays to class every day next week.
  2. Our final assignments will be explained in great detail on Monday, but here's a brief overview of what's ahead:


An introduction to our anthology based on Auster's intro for ITMFWG

Revision to an essay for an improved score. (Do it for money.)

Revision of an essay for the anthology. (Do it for love.)

Bring your essays to class every day. Bring Auster all next week.