Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 40

English 70 Lesson Plan Day 40 Spring 2010

  1. Hand back Love/Death Essays
    1. I was looking for conventions and sentence fluency
      1. Eulogies/love stories may have been touching and heartfelt, but that wasn't part of the grade.
      2. Love stories and Eulogies (also not graded for but…)
        1. Not enough focus on THESIS, TOPIC SENTENCES, SUPPORTING THESIS.
        2. Eulogies not enough like speeches
      3. Some very short essays meant a "small sample size"
        1. 3 errors in a page and a half is different than 3 errors in four pages.
      4. Still, conventions were mostly ok.
        1. The 4-3 section is a big section.
          1. Can I understand what you were saying?
          2. With some work can it be ready to publish?
        2. The 6-5 section was narrow
          1. Was it ready to publish?
          2. Was it nearly perfect?
          3. Did you use grammar strategically?
        3. Biggest issues
          1. Run-ons
          2. Paragraphing
          3. Fragments
      5. Sentence fluency
        1. Appositives, and adverbs worked.
        2. –ing's mostly threw you off.
        3. Not nearly enough use of the short sentence or fragment.


  2. Grades so far.
    1. English 75 (70% on Prewriting grade and 12/18 for Essay scores)
    2. English 75/70? (One of two categories below. Close on Prewriting or Essay scores)
    3. English 70 (Both categories below. Not enough time, assignments left to raise your score. But you should keep coming to get the CR, not an NC)


  1. Here's what's left of the quarter:
  • An introduction to our anthology based on Auster's intro for ITMFWG, graded on all six traits.
  • Revision to an essay for an improved score—Due June 4th. (Do it for money.)
  • Revision of an essay for the anthology—Due TODAY (5/26). (Do it for love.)
  • Bring your essays to class every day. Bring Auster, too.
  1. Section 3:
    1. Read Auster in class and outline.
    2. Write the name of the essay you are putting in the anthology on the board and a brief description of the story (maybe your thesis statement?)
    3. What two lessons have you learned from THE STORIES in class?
    4. Sample section 3.
    5. Homework: Rough Draft of Section 3.
  2. Section 4—for tomorrow:
    1. Gender
    2. ages
    3. where are you from?
    4. Where do you live now?
    5. Former, current jobs
    6. career goals

Thumb drives for essays.