Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 10

English 70 Lesson Plan 10

1. Bonus Points Wednesday Night

2. By the end of the class: Peer Review three essays.

3. Peer Review Process:

• Thick Skin.

• Kind Honesty.

• Students learn better from each other.

• Students remember the most when they teach others.

4. In groups of 4.

• Change papers with another person in your group. Read silently and make marks on the essay as you go.

• Complete the peer review worksheet.

• Return draft and worksheet to author and discuss.

• Author asks questions.

• Change papers with another person in your group and repeat.

5. We have two days to do this. Don’t rush through.

6. “You have my permission to tear my paper to shreds.”

7. Once you are done peer editing:

• Take turns reading each paper aloud.

1. Look for missing/skipped words.

2. Capital letters.

3. Spelling errors.

4. Awkward, clunky sentences.

5. Other grammar issues.