Friday, April 22, 2011

Handing back essays

Handing Back Essays

1. A Star is Made, and True Grit

a. Deliberate practice “involves setting specific goals, obtaining immediate feedback and concentrating as much on technique as on outcome.” (Dubner and Levitt)

2. In order of importance:

a. Comments at end.

b. Comments in margins.

c. Rubric

d. Score

3. Yancey Yore/William Peckman

4. Questions on handwriting, quick see me’s.

5. My impressions from a distance are:

a. Thesis is often there, but not original or thoughtful. Take the idea one more step.

b. Support

i. Overall support often matched thesis.

ii. The biggest issue was in topic sentences and paragraph focus.

c. Organization

i. Transitions were ok.

ii. Intros and conclusions were ok.

iii. “Sequencing” was good.

iv. Pacing was good.

d. Misc

i. Paper format was good.

ii. Grammar—especially run-ons, spelling and caps.

6. The 24 hour rule.


a. It’s not where you start it’s where you finish.

b. You will have a chance at the end of the quarter to improve your score for one of your essays by revising based on my comments and based on what you’ve learned.

8. Your options if you don’t like your grade:

• Work Harder.

• Change your habits/attitudes.

o Start sooner.

 Procrastination is not a learning disability.

o Believe in yourself more.

o Believe in yourself less.

• Read/Review Hacker.

• Read text more closely—take notes, mark it up as you read.

• A more detailed outline.

• More drafts.

• Writing Center.

• See Me.