Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day 6

English 70 Lesson Plan 6

1. Library Bonus Points?

2. By the end of the class, I want to have one good paragraph from everyone.

3. Review Writing Process

• We are working specifically on NARROWED TOPIC + IDEA ABOUT IT

• and ORGANIZATION (intros, conclusions, transitions, logical order).

Four Questions to ask of your topic

1. Does it interest me?

2. Can I say something about it?

3. Is it specific?

1. What is the main point?

5. Write your theme statement on the board.

• Single Main Point, stated in a sentence.

• Not too broad or narrow.

• Not a simple fact.

• Not watered down with I think, I hope, In this paper I will.

6. Narration (page 78)

• Read aloud the example paragraph.

• Questions 1-5.

7. Guided Practice: Narration as a class.

8. Guided Outline 1 and 2.

9. For your own paragraph:

Topic sentence

• First Event

1. Details

• Second Event

1. Details

• Third Event

1. Details

• Conclusion

11. Checklist (81).

12. The next step is to take this paragraph and expand each event into a paragraph with topic sentences, primary support and secondary details, concluding sentence.

13. Homework: Chapter 7 (Do Practice 1-8 and Chapter Review)

Rough Draft Due Monday. 2-3 pages double spaced. Bring 4 copies.