Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 15

English 70 Lesson Plan 15

1. Essays back in about a week.

2. Capital letters: Hand in homework.

3. Bonus points this week:

a. Library

b. Poetry Reading: Allied Arts Thursday 7pm

c. Oak Hollow Gallery, Friday, 7 pm.

4. Homework: Word Choice, practice 1.

5. Quiz Families and Strangers
6. Voice and Word Choice rubrics

7. Review types of prewriting

a. Freewrite

b. List

c. Research/read

d. Discussion

e. Cluster/map

f. Questions

8. Strangers list

a. Doctors/Nurses

b. customers

c. co-workers

d. camps

e. teams

f. on the street

g. hikes

h. trips

i. vacations

j. stores

k. bus/plane/train

l. coaches

m. church leaders

n. teachers

9. Strangers in ITMFWG

• Look for word choice—lively verbs, specific modifiers/adverbs/adjectives

• Which writer would you like to meet?

• Which writer takes the biggest risk?

• Which writer has the most style?

10. If there’s time: Word choice: Four common word-choice problems, Vague Words (423)