Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 20

English 70 Lesson Plan 20

1. Bonus Points

a. Last library workshops this week.

2. Hand in homework on Quotation Marks.

3. Test over Word Choice, Commonly Confused Words and Spelling.

4. Photos/Strangers:

a. Five w’s

b. Five senses

c. Describe the stranger

i. What they looked like

ii. What they said

iii. What they wore

iv. The kind of person who….

d. or Describe the picture

i. Left to right

ii. or Right to left

iii. Top to bottom

iv. or Bottom to top

v. Inside to outside

5. Commonly Confused Words and Spelling hand back and review

6. Rough Draft Due Tomorrow: Bring 4 copies. 2-3 pages. Double Spaced. 12pt font.